About Otter Creek Storage in Danby VT


Accessible and Visible

We’re directly on Route 7 in Danby VT with no trees or buildings surrounding the facility, making it highly visibile and secure 24-hours a day. Your storage unit is VERY SAFE!


Size Chart

The Size You Need

Room sizes range from small enough for a few things through large enough for lots of big ones. Your storage unit is JUST RIGHT FOR YOU!



7am-7pm, 7 Days/Week

Convenient for your schedule — open 7am through 7pm EVERY DAY!


The right storage facility for the best price.

Located directly on Route 7 in Danby Vermont, Otter Creek Storage is a convenient and secure facility serving southwest Vermont and the nearby New York and Massachusetts regions. The variety of room sizes, clean and dry construction, and lowest* prices in the area make Otter Creek Storage the best choice for all your storage needs.


Call 1-888-OTTERCK (1-888-688-3725) for more information and to reserve your storage today!